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Australian dating sites aust agder

australian dating sites aust agder

Bothnia is a Latinization of Old Norse botn, 28 meaning "bottom". The Etruscans called themselves Rasenna, which was syncopated to Rasna or Raśna. "Peaceful Badge actually abbreviates Anqing Huizhou Beijing ( ) "Northern Capital" Chongqing ( ) "Doubled Celebration" Fujian ( ) lit. Bonaire : Uncertain, but thought to have been originally derived from the Caquetio word bonay. 23 The similarity with the Germanic Burgundian tribe whose name has the same etymology and which may or may not have originated in Scandinavia, can be purely coincidental since the derivation is quite basic in meaning. The initial Hungarian "e-" occasionally changes to "a-" in Romanian (compare Hungarian egres "gooseberry" and Egyed, which became agri and Adjud in Romanian). "South" distinguished them from the other Sandwich Islands, now known by their native name Hawaii. Switzerland edit Aargau : German name labelling the district ( Gau ) of the River Aar.

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Hiiumaa : from Estonian hiis "holy grove or hiid "giant meaning "land of holy groves" or "land of giants". Tasman : district named from the bay name, in honour of Dutchman Abel Tasman, commander of first European expedition to sight the country; also a mountain and glacier name. Compare Kingdom of Navarre#Etymology Soule : deformation of the original Basque name Zuberoa or Xiberue Brittany ( Bretagne ) area occupied by refugee Britons from Roman Britain ( Britannia ) circa 500 AD Burgundy ( Bourgogne ) part of the land settled by the East. Retrieved 25 November 2006 Witzel, Michael. Ireland (Éire) edit Connacht : Connachta in Irish. Latium (in modern Italian: Lazio land of the early Italic inhabitants known as Latins, in their turn popularly associated with the mythological King Latinus in turn, "Latins" (in Latin, Latn )as well as the name of King Latnus (simply the singular of the same name)clearly. North West : From its geographic position, in the north of the country and west of the main population-centre of Gauteng.

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"Four Rivers refers to the four circuits of the region during the Song Dynasty Chengdufu, Kuizhou, Lizhou, and Zizhou ; also possibly refers to the four rivers in the region Min, Tuo, Jialing and. Faroe Islands ( Danish : Færøerne, Faroese : Føroyar From Old Norse Færeyjar literally, "Sheep Islands from their dense population of sheep. Indo-European Etymological Dictionary (ieed Department of Comparative Indo-European Linguistics, Leiden University. Västergötland : means Western Gothia/Götaland. One theory is "the land between the river walleys" (Ljungan and Indalsälven) Norrbotten : from Norrbotten County Närke Skåne Småland : "small lands given for a combination of several smaller provinces. Archived from the original on Retrieved 7 February 2008. Counties edit Akershus Fortress of (the district) Aker (named after the farm Aker, meaning agriculture field) Aust - Agder East Agder. The "heights" reference the australian dating sites aust agder southernmost part of the Barisan mountain range that runs through all the western part of the Lampung province. Creation of Taitung Prefecture in 1888 Taoyuan ( "Peach Orchard" in Chinese, officially Ten Ch 1909 Yilan ( Literally "Suitable Orchid" in Chinese, 1878 creation of Gilan Hsien, derived from the Kavalan people Yunlin ( Literally "Clouded Woods" in Chinese, created in 1887 Thailand edit. Venezuela edit See also edit "About New South Wales". 60 The city's historic coat of arms contains strawberries. The name originates in the Germanic word Nitrahwa : in the Indo-European languages nid means "flow" while ahwa means "water". 30 According to Alexander MacBain (d. For further etymology of "Caledonia see Scotland below. Lower Navarre (French: Basse Navarre, Basque: Nafarroa Behera, Benafarroa ). The word 'Karta' means glory, referring to a hope that this city would bring glory to its people. Sardinia : speculatively linked with the Shardana people (that came from Sardis ). Maybe meaning coast, related to English edge. 55 In addition to these names, documents of the Renaissance call the city ' Istropolis which means "City of the Danube" in Ancient Greek. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Jura : after the Jura Mountains. Hamburg : from the 9th-century name Hammaburg, where Hamma has multiple conflicting interpretations, but burg means "castle". 46 Papua New Guinea edit New Britain in honour of Great Britain. Kaliningrad Oblast : from the Russian name Kaliningrad (Kalinin-city) of its largest city, renamed in 1946 to commemnorate Mikhail Kalinin Kazan (former Imperial Russian governorate (compare the name of the city of Kazan ) Khabarovsk Krai : the Khabarovsk region.

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