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Massage happy ending oslo erotic massage bergen

massage happy ending oslo erotic massage bergen

She is stripped and tied with her arms are spead-eagled overhead as the man flogs her (no marks shown) and the woman taunts her with a strap-on. Barbarians, The Virginia Bryant is tortured by Michael Berryman in order to find out where the "magic ruby". Lo sparviero del Nilo - a man is captured and taken in a dungeon: to know if he's really mad like he pretends, soldiers whip his wife to observe the reactions; we don't see the woman, but we hear her loud screams. Later another slave is whipped by her mistress. After 8 lashes, the scene is interrupted by an arriving stranger. Later, we see the whip marks on her back and her master tells her that they will fade, but the memory of them will not. (Thanks Mark) video link Scacco alla regina - (?) female whipping scene(?) Schoolgirl Hitchhikers - A young woman is whipped with a switch on her front, threatened with a hot iron, has her hair and clothes cut off then a pair of tongs is taken. The scene lasts about a minute. Almost forgot, has another scene where a girl gets a couple of whacks with a stick across her clothed behind. massage happy ending oslo erotic massage bergen


MissFluo - Best Massage with happy ending to throbbing oral creampie shot.

Escort Vilnius: Massage happy ending oslo erotic massage bergen

Oslo Other People's Secrets - (199?) A woman (Monique Parent) is chained and whipped by another woman.(Lescan) Outcast, The - Joan Evens is held by her brothers and given 7 lashes by her father before she breaks free and as she turns we see. You do see blood on their backs.(Lescan) Vertical Smile, The - an erotic cheap french movie from late 60's; there's a very bief scene at the beginning. (Thanks Barry) There's also a scene towards the beginning with a woman on all fours crawling and being whipped. The whip hits her shoulders, but is long enough to curl around her chest. He orders two other men to tie her to a tree, strip her to the waist, and whip her on the back with riding whips. An attractive blonde (Eileen Grubba) is tied standing AOH, wearing just a bra and panties, while a bad guy menaces her with a whip. This is a very bloody whipping scene, as the two are eventually whipped to death. The two leading ladies fight a dual with whips, good fun scene.

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